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Project 3

Written Statement:

After much deliberation, I chose the sound collage. i chose this because I wanted to create a more “in the moment” kind of feeling since my blog is “another travel blog”. I thought the other two options relied more on vocals/talking points, while the sound collage relied more on the feelings/ambiance that traveling gives you, and with traveling the goal is usually to see and experience new things- it relies less on people’s voices and conversation. The concrete sounds that I used (waves, gulls, voices) are sounds that usually come to mind while on vacation. I chose to incorporate The Simpsons and people saying “Hello” in different voices because it gives two perspectives on traveling, The Simpsons focuses on the more annoying part of traveling and the “Hello” segment brings attention to the enlightening part of traveling. 


Logistics Statement:

This fits conceptually because it gives more than just a visual representation of my blog. Usually when people thing of vacations or traveling you think of visuals, but I also want there to be some ambiance to my blog, so Project 3 help with the audio. This will go in a post on the home page of my website. I will also put in the “My Projects” Page. I am choosing to put it both places because it is the most current work I have done, so I want to display it on the front of my page, but I also want to make it accessible in the future so I am also places it in my Pages section. I am putting the Written Statement, the actual audio project 3, and this (logistics statement) together. 

List of Credits: for the bar noises, gulls, and waves. for The Simpsons audio and the “Hello in Different Languages” audio.


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Could Have Been Better

During the second week of school of my Junior year at Temple, I used a decent amount of media (although I would’ve preferred to use more).
I am an avid reader of, so when I am procrastinating on homework, or Blackboard is taking forever to load, I like to catch up on the hard-hitting stories, such as “39 Things That Should Never Be Cooked in Clear Jell-o (which I’m reading now).
I have also frequented my e-mail, Facebook, and Twitter this week, mainly during class. The reason for this is that I do not have a smart-phone anymore due to water, and my upstairs neighbors put a password on their WiFi. I use my Facebook and Twitter to talk to my family and friends and occasionally read articles that people post. A lot of my friends are posting political articles because of the upcoming election, so that helps keep me a little more informed. I e-mail mostly my Professors and Landlord begging for more time.
But this is the media I usually consume in a daily basis, I also frequent Spanish news websites because that is a weekly assignment for my spanish class. I do not pay for cable so I miss a lot of news programs in English but I am fully aware of the financial crisis in Spain.